Massive Latest Job Vacancies for Academic and Non-Academic Staff Positions at Ondo State University of Science and Technology – 148 Positions

Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH) was established by law of the Ondo State House of Assembly in December 2007. The University commenced academic activities on January 10, 2011 first from the take-off site now known as the Mini Campus and subsequently at the Permanent Site now known as the Main Campus. The two campuses are located in Idepe-Okitipupa and Igodan-Lisa, all in Okitipupa Local Government Area in the Southern Senatorial District of Ondo State.

OSUSTECH is a technology-based Institution which aims at providing the needed manpower training in order to address the critical and technological development of Ondo State and Nigeria as a whole. The University is offering programmes in Mathematical, Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences. In addition, there are interdisciplinary academic centres including the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training, OSUSTECH and the Centre for Gender, Research and Linkages.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the positions of Principal Officers and other teaching and non-teaching positions:

1: Professor (Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering)

2: Professor (Enzymology)

3: Professor (Toxicology)

4: Professor (Food/Post harvest/Nutritional Biochemistry)

5: Registrar

6: Professor (Medical Biochemistry)

7: Professor (Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry)

8: Reader (Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering)

9: Reader (Enzymology)

10: Reader (Toxicology)

11: Reader (Food/Post Harvest/Nutritional Biochemistry)

12: Reader (Medical Biochemistry)

13: Reader (Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry)

14: Bursar

15: Senior Lecturer (Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering)

16: Senior Lecturer (Enzymology)

17: Senior Lecturer (Toxicology)

18: Senior Lecturer (Food/Post Harvest/Nutritional Biochemistry)

19: Senior Lecturer (Medical Biochemistry)

20: Senior Lecturer (Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry)

21: University Librarian

22: Lecturer I (Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry)

23: Lecturer I (Medical Biochemistry)

24: Lecturer I (Food/Post Harvest/Nutritional Biochemistry)

25: Lecturer I (Toxicology)

26: Lecturer I (Enzymology)

27: Lecturer I (Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering)

28: Deputy Registrar

29: Lecturer II (Membrane/Lipid Biochemistry)

30: Lecturer II (Medical Biochemistry)

31: Lecturer II (Food/Post Harvest/Nutritional Biochemistry)

32: Lecturer II (Toxicology)

33: Lecturer II (Enzymology)

34: Lecturer II (Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering)

35: Senior Assistant Registrar

36: Technologist II

37: Graduate Nursing Officer II

38: Professor (Organic Chemistry)

39: Reader (Organic Chemistry)

40: Senior Lecturer (Organic Chemistry)

41: Lecturer I (Organic Chemistry)

42: Lecturer II (Organic Chemistry)

43: Chief Security Officer

44: Professor (Inorganic Chemistry)

45: Reader (Inorganic Chemistry)

46: Senior Lecturer (Inorganic Chemistry)

47: Lecturer I (Inorganic Chemistry)

48: Lecturer II (Inorganic Chemistry)

49: Professor (Physical Chemistry)

50: Reader (Physical Chemistry)

51: Senior Lecturer (Physical Chemistry)

52: Lecturer I (Physical Chemistry)

53: Lecturer II (Physical Chemistry)

54: Professor (Analytical Chemistry)

55: Reader (Analytical Chemistry

56: Senior Lecturer (Analytical Chemistry)

57: Lecturer I (Analytical Chemistry)

58: Lecturer II (Analytical Chemistry)

59: Professor (Environmental Chemistry)

60: Reader (Environmental Chemistry)

61: Senior Lecturer (Environmental Chemistry)

62: Lecturer I (Environmental Chemistry)

63: Lecturer II (Environmental Chemistry)

64: Professor (Electronic)

65:Reader (Electronic)

66: Senior Lecturer (Electronic)

67: Lecturer I (Electronic)

68: Lecturer II (Electronic)

69: Professor (Meteorology)

70: Reader (Meteorology)

71: Senior Lecturer (Meteorology)

72: Lecturer I (Meteorology)

73: Professor (Atmospheric Physics)

74: Lecturer II (Meteorology)

75: Reader (Atmospheric Physics)

76: Senior Lecturer (Atmospheric Physics)

77: Lecturer I (Atmospheric Physics)

78: Lecturer II (Atmospheric Physics)

79: Professor (Theoretical/Mathematical Physics)

80: Reader (Theoretical/Mathematical Physics)

81: Senior Lecturer (Theoretical/Mathematical Physics)

82: Lecturer I (Theoretical/Mathematical Physics)

83: Lecturer II (Theoretical/Mathematical Physics)

84: Professor (Geophysics -Electronic)

85: Reader (Geophysics – Electronic)

86: Senior Lecturer (Geophysics – Electronic)

87: Lecturer I (Geophysics – Electronic)

88: Lecturer II (Geophysics – Electronic)

89: Professor (Condensed Matter Physics)

90: Reader (Condensed Matter Physics)

100: Senior Lecturer (Condensed Matter Physics)

101: Lecturer I (Condensed Matter Physics)

102: Lecturer II (Condensed Matter Physics)

103: Professor (Geophysics)

104: Reader (Geophysics)

105: Senior Lecturer (Geophysics)

106: Lecturer I (Geophysics)

107: Lecturer II (Geophysics)

108: Professor (Mathematics)

109: Reader (Mathematics)

110: Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)

111: Lecturer I (Mathematics)

112: Lecturer II (Mathematics)

113: Professor (Statistics and Computer Science)

114: Reader (Statistics and Computer Science)

115: Senior Lecturer (Statistics and Computer Science)

116: Lecturer I (Statistics and Computer Science)

117: Lecturer II (Statistics and Computer Science)

118: Lecturer II (Microbiology)

119: Lecturer I (Microbiology)

120: Senior Lecturer (Microbiology)

121: Reader (Microbiology)

122: Professor (Microbiology)

123: Professor (Botany)

124: Reader (Botany)

125: Senior Lecturer (Botany)

126: Lecturer I (Botany)

127: Lecturer II (Botany)

128: Professor (Zoology)

129: Reader (Zoology)

130: Senior Lecturer (Zoology)

131: Lecturer I (Zoology)

132: Lecturer II (Zoology)

133: Professor (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

134: Reader (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

135: Senior Lecturer (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

136: Lecturer I (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

137: Lecturer II (Fisheries and Aquaculture)

138: Reader (Arts)

139: Reader (Management/Social Sciences)

140: Reader (Humanities)

141: Lecturer I (Humanities)

142: Lecturer I (Arts)

143: Lecturer I (Management/Social Sciences)

144: Assistant Lecturer (Entrepreneurial Technology)

145: Assistant Lecturer (Vocational Technology)

146: Principal Librarian

147: Librarian II

148: Vice-Chancellor


Application Closing Date
3rd March, 2016.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online
Forward the typed and duly signed application with 20 copies of curriculum vitae with the following documents below to:
The Registrar,
Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH),
P.M.B 353, Okitipupa,
Ondo State,


  • The on-line application, when completed and submitted, a unique identification number would be assigned to the applicant. This number should be written on the hard copy application to be forwarded to the University.
  • All Candidates must possess NYSC discharge Certificate or Exemption letter.
  • Computer literacy is required.
  • The curriculum vitae to be attached to the hard copy applications should contain, among others the following:
    • Full Names
    • Title
    • Sex
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • State and Local Government of Origin
    • Nationality
    • Permanent Home Address
    • Current Postal/Contact Address
    • E – Mail Address & GSM
    • Marital Status
    • Number of Children (with names and ages)
    • Next of Kin
    • Institution(s) Attended obtained (with dates)
    • Academic Qualifications obtained (with dates)
    • Professional Qualifications (with dates)
    • Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Professional Bodies
    • Working Experience
    • Present Employment: Status, Salary and Employer
    • Service to the Community (with status and date)
    • Extra Curricular Activities
    • Major Conferences and Workshops attended with papers read
    • List of Publications as appropriate and any other relevant information
    • Names and Addresses of Three (3) Referees.
    • Signature and Date

Application Closing Date
3rd March, 2016.

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